Saturday, January 28, 2017

An end of this chapter.......

I watched our Beast back out of our new driveway and on her way to her next chapter.

After moving to a new state and settling in to a new house we made the decision to sell the Beast.  For the first time since 1999 we are without a motorhome.  I am a little sad but will get over it.
The Beast was a great coach and an excellent traveler.  We had so much fun traveling around and seeing old friends, family we haven't spent much time with and our beautiful country.

I paid for a years add on RVTrader.com and she was sold in a couple of days.  The folks who bought her are experienced Tiffin owners and were excited to get her.  They are off to warmer climates and that's a good thing.  The Beast prefers warm weather over the cold snow and below freezing temps!

What do two gypsy's do now?  We immediately booked a cruise for December 2017.  We decided we want to see the rest of this amazing planet.  So in the future-the blog posts will continue to be sporadic, and will be a little different.  What do we do now to fill our time?  Eric volunteers at the local Senior Center and I volunteer at the nearby Elementary School.  Having a house to clean and yard work to do takes up a lot of time.  So we are busy, busy!

Here's to more amazing adventures!
All tucked in.

We added a 70 foot drive, sewer hook up and 50 amp for her.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beautiful Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort lot SOLD!

It's been a fun ride, but time for a cool change!!

After more than 3 years of living full time in the Beast and enjoying every minute, we have decided it is time to sell our wonderful ocean view lot and settle down.

So here is the lowdown-

If you are looking for a spot to spend the summers away from crowded, crazy campgrounds with lots of movement in and out, this is the spot!  Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort is a place with an indoor pool and spa, outdoor pool and spa, 3 saunas, pickle ball court, basketball court, horseshoe pits, dog park, hiking trails within the resort with beautiful spots to sit and enjoy the sunsets and a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir, easy access to a beautiful pristine beach, whale watching all year long, a beautiful large clubhouse with fireplace and a secluded quiet owners lounge with pool room, card room and big screen TV for movies and sporting events.

If you have a Class A or Class C Motorhome with a minimum of 25 feet-This could be your beach getaway.....  Lot #49.

Lot 49, Corner Lot, Easy In, Easy out!

Large Private Lot
Landscaped lot with large wrap around privacy hedge 
Unobstructed ocean view for stormy days

Perfect spot to watch the resident Grey Whales

Summer sunsets right in front of this lot

Custom Patio to enjoy the view

Bonsai Garden and cement table included

Path to Dog Park and Beach

Yaquina Head Lighthouse from the Dog Park

Papillon approved ocean front Dog Park 
This is one of the largest lots in the resort, on a corner located in a quiet, peaceful section of the resort.  A large wrap around hedge provides wind screen along with privacy while enjoying the ocean view from the custom patio.

One other thing---Are you looking for a spot to watch the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017?  Get a front row seat right in your own coach!

Did I grab your attention?  Great!  Call or email our realtor.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Finally-A Wrap Up!

It dawned on me that I haven't posted for a while, and I can't quite believe it's been 7 months.  It's been a whirlwind of activity since the Grand Canyon and it seems like our winter trip barely happened.

We made a 2 week stop in Las Vegas, my lifelong home.  Gidget and I met up with my brother and his two pups at a local dog park and did a little catching up.  Eric and I took turns meeting up with old friends individually and together.  It was a busy couple of weeks with lunches, dinners and sushi with old friends.  It made me realize how much I missed our old friends, but not the big city.  I like the convenience of the city, but the speed of things got to me.  I used to drive the freeways there every day, but whew, it seemed the speed limits were excessive.  I guess I've gotten used to the laid back beach lifestyle of Newport after all.

After Las Vegas, we spent a week in Salt Lake with our daughter.  We made a visit to her classroom to visit with the students we face timed with at so many places.  What a great group of young people!

On our way thru Idaho we hit snow.  It was really the only bad weather we experienced on our 13,000 mile journey.  As Murphy would have it, our windshield wipers decided to stop working right then.  If Eric turned them off, then on quickly we would get one or to swipes, just enough to get the windshield cleared for more snow and ice.  We made an appointment at the Oregon Motorcoach Center in Eugene for a few little repairs and adjustments before we settled in for the summer in Newport after a brief stop over in Fall River to visit my folks and catch up.

Our only daughter got engaged last fall while we were traveling in Cape Cod.  No date was set, not even a loose estimate.  Well after a brief period of decisions being made and changed, a date and location was set.  June 10th would be the big day and a barefoot beach wedding was ordered.  Since the engaged couple live out of state, the planning and research was up to her dad and I.  Finding nice restaurants for the night before dinner and the wedding dinner was a challenge I was up for.  We tried every nice restaurant along the coast and was relieved when we found a hotel for the newlyweds, the restaurants that were just right and got the flowers ordered.  Not everything (well actually nothing) went as planned but the bottom line was a laid back ceremony and the two became husband and wife under sunny skies.

Schmoo stayed on his Mama's dress the whole ceremony.

It was a whirlwind three months of planning, experimenting with restaurants and venues.  It was fun, but boy was it tiring.  Ashley and Nick make a great team and are so much fun to be around.  Ashley made a beautiful bride and Nick loves her so much.   We wish only the best for these two and can't wait to see their story be told.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Mighty Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Trailer Village
March 10 to the 14, 2015

There is not much to say about the Grand Canyon except Wow!  We enjoyed some down time there on our adventure.  It was relaxing even though we were busy every day.

This was our first time staying in the park and I am so glad they had space for us at the Trailer Village.  We were in spot 62 which was away from the rest of the spots and very quiet.  We had deer and elk walk thru our site every day.  It was awesome!  Our little pups didn't make a sound as they watched these majestic creatures wander about.  We enjoyed watching them each afternoon.

One thing that was really cool when we went to the viewpoints along the canyon was the reaction of the people that had never seen this place before.  If you are quiet and just wait, you'll hear people young and old all saying "Wow!" as they approach the edge.  It is definitely a "WOW" factor.

We made several trips to different lookout points and even took the bus to the Hermit's Rest.  There are several stops along the way and you can walk the entire distance from the Village to Hermit's Rest.  There are lengths that are dirt trails right along the edge and there are paved sections to the next lookout.

Our last day there was forecast to be clear skies so we rose early to watch the sun come up and watch the Canyon change colors.  It was beautiful!  We decided we had to go back to watch the sunset and it too was amazing.  Beautiful!

We went to the Canyon a few years ago with our friends Steve and Jane from Troy, NY.  It snowed while we were there and it was so cold.  We ate lunch at a wonderful restaurant and I thought I would never forget it.  Well, I did.  We tried the places we thought it was, but we never found it.  I don't know if it has been remodeled or closed.  It was fun though trying out all the lunch places.  Definitely recommend the Navajo Taco.  Very good!

Enough with the chit chat-I'll let the pictures tell the story of this part of our adventure!

Next Stop-Las Vegas!